Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference & Expo 2018

Agenda & Presentations

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Conference Agenda 2018

Keynotes & Plenary Panels

Plenary Panel, VW Settlement

Connected Fleets

I: Predictive Analytics

This panel will focus on the use of data in predictive analytics to help improve fleet management with a specific focus on improving safety and vehicle maintenance operations.

  • George Survant, NTEA

  • Robert Horton, City of Atlanta

II: Smart Mobility & Autonomous Vehicles

This panel will look at the ways in which autonomous vehicles can help to improve mobility. Panelists will discuss how autonomous vehicles can integrate with public transit and mobility solutions.

III: Managing for Fleet Efficiency

Listen to experienced fleet managers discuss the ways that they use date and telematics to improve the efficiency of their fleets. Learn how they are improving safety and reducing fuel use.

IV: Smart Cities & Smart Grid

This panel will focus on the ways that transportation and energy use can be managed using smart grid and smart cities technology or tools.

  • David Schatz, ChargePoint

  • Sam Spofforth, Clean Fuels Ohio

  • Jeff Sural, NC Department of Information Technology

Alternative Fuel Solutions

I: Electric Vehicles

Find out about best practices, lessons learned, and analytic tools to assist you in successful EV deployment including vehicle options, training, communication, and charging infrastructure strategies.

II: Propane

Learn about propane as a transportation fuel with an overview of deployment considerations and best practices, vehicle options, applications, and technology advancements.

III: Biofuels

Dispel the myths related to biofuels and deployment. Understand their benefits, ease of use, and how to secure them as an option to meet your fleet sustainability efforts.

IV: Natural Gas

An overview of natural gas a transportation fuel option including trends and technology advances, benefits, best practices, lessons learned, and real world success stories.

Deployment & Lessons Learned

I: Solutions for Port & Freight

Learn about the work that freight haulers, heavy duty vehicles, and port operators are doing to make reductions in pollution emissions and to improve efficiency.

II: Local & State Policies

This panel will deliver updates and insights from the US DOE Clean Cities, state level legislation and regulatory entities, national and regional initiatives for promoting clean vehicles, and using data to prioritize emission reduction activities. 

III: Sustainable Garage & Facility Operations

This panel features leaders who will present how fleet maintenance shops and garages are another realm where we can reduce emissions, prevent pollution, recycle, and reduce waste.

IV: Idle Reduction

Learn about the technologies and resources available to reduce idling and idle emissions. Presenters will share about various technologies while discussing the cost savings, emission reductions, and maintenance benefits.