What is the Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference & Expo?

The purpose of the 2017 Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference (SFT) & Expo is to showcase the latest and greatest in advanced vehicles, fuels, and technologies, including data driven solutions. The SFT is a source of on-the-ground experiences for increasing fleet efficiency and sustainability, while reducing emissions and costs.

The event supports public and private fleets that are looking for ways to reduce their fleet's emissions or operations costs.

The Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference & Expo was held on October 11-13, 2017. The predecessor to this event, the Southeast Regional Alternative Fuel Conference, was held in Raleigh in 2014. 

Join us in 2018 to learn more, network with professionals, and see the latest technologies. Event dates will be announced soon.


Keywords: biofuels, electric, natural gas, and propane, big data, telematics, smart cities, fleet and mobility services, and more.